Accounting Microsimulation

By | October 26, 2015

We are proud to announce the Fundamentals of Accounting Microsimulation – the latest addition to our new line of Microsimulations. This Microsimulation is available in beta version for all business game levels in Marketplace Live except the marketing group of Marketplace® Live simulations.

Accounting Microsimulation

The Fundamentals of Accounting Microsimulation focuses on the fundamental principles of accounting. Students discover how accounting helps keep records of a business’ property, business activities and profits. Through a series of interactive exercises they will learn about the concepts of basic accounting equation, accounting transactions, and double-entry accounting.

If you choose to include Microsimulations in your business simulation game, your students will see the link to the Fundamentals of Accounting Microsimulation in the decision quarter that follows the test marketing quarter.

For more information regarding our Microsimulations and how your classroom can benefit from using one of our business simulations, please call our sales team at (865) 522.1946.


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