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Social Entrepreneurship Game

For our October game night we tested and played Masti the Social Entrepreneurship Game by Bharat Damani. Ashoka Changemakers has declared the game as a Learning Pacesetter in a Lego Foundation sponsored international competition. The game aims to provide an eye opener to the student, the employed, the business owner, the haves and the have-nots on… Read More »

ILS – a history

ILS has been around for a few decades. Marketplace started as a paper and pencil board game and has grown and improved over the years.  

Super awesome game night – Pandemic

Our first Super Awesome Game Night went off well. Here at ILS we will be educating ourselves on various game mechanics. Both physical games such as board, dice and card games, as well as computer games. There is educational value in play of all kinds, and we hope that this will help us stay fresh… Read More »

How the Smith EMBA Business Program uses Marketplace

[youtube 3Zcvf4Uum24 nolink] It’s great to see how much fun our customers have pulling everything they’ve learned into the simulation. At the end of a 2 year EMBA program at the University of Maryland our simulation is used in an intensive one week program where teams compete against each other. Fun and exhausting at the… Read More »

Google Glass

As a technology focused company in the educational space it’s part of our job to be aware of new developments, new technologies and methodologies. So when the opportunity to test Google’s forthcoming Glass came along, we of course were excited to join the Explorer program in order to play with this new technology. It’s good… Read More »

Developer diary

Here at ILS we have spent the last few months preparing to roll out a new batch of stories for our Marketplace Live levels. We decided to shift our focus onto the characters that inhabit the simulation, to let them tell the story, to highlight potential conflicts and expose the learning points relevant to the… Read More »

Train the Trainers Fall 2010

Some 17 participants gathered in Knoxville for our fall Train the Trainers workshop this past weekend. Our guests were greeted by the fall chill and wind for the late Sunday picnic and beach volleyball session before resting up for the 2 days of  “grueling” competition and coaching from Ernie Cadotte. The participants from around the… Read More »

Conscious Capitalism Conference recap

Some two weeks ago I came back from the Conscious Capitalism conference at Bentley University. What a conference! There were many enlightened speakers at the conference, but let me point only a few who were inspirational to me. Firstly, let me say that spending two days at the conference was very refreshing, very helpful to… Read More »

Creative students

[vimeo 11338374] At times our Marketplace users create something extra for their games just for fun. Its always nice to see students and faculty getting excited about the simulation and adding their own spin on things. As an example Steven Johnson, a UT student, posted this video that pokes fun at a team not doing… Read More »