Support Monthly Note: getting your students started

By | April 9, 2012

Getting Your Students Started:


1. Go to the game sign in page.

For Marketplace Live:

For Marketplace:

For Retail Management Game:

For Global Business Game:

2. Choose ‘Purchase license number’ link under ‘Support’ tab.

3. They will need to enter the Game ID for your course. [This was the number given when the game was designed] Press Continue.

4. They will make their credit card payment, and enter the necessary billing information. Press Continue.

5. They will be sent a license number to the email address they provide.

6. Return to the game sign in page.

7. Click ‘Sign in as a Student.’

8. On the left side, under the ‘Getting Started’ tab, have students enter their license number.

9. They will need to create a profile by registering their name, email address, etc. Press Submit.

10. They should receive an email confirmation.

11. To sign in to the game, go back to the game sign in page.

12. On the right side, under the tab ‘Continue Game,’ have students enter their email address and password. Press Sign In.

13. Students will be taken to their game.


Please Note: Students will need to go to the game sign in page and enter their email and password each time access their game.


If you or your students have any questions or need any assistance, please call +1 (865) 522 1946, or email


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