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Marketplace Simulations AMA Presentation

We had the pleasure of participating in another AMA (American Marketing Association) conference last month. Our team members, Martin Klima and Ernie Cadotte, joined more than 600 marketing educators and researchers who met in sunny Las Vegas to discuss the challenges facing the marketing professionals in the digital age. The conference offered an exciting combination… Read More »

Innovative Learning Solutions recently introduced the Supply Chain and Channel Management simulation into Marketplace® Live.

We would like to invite you to review the new Marketplace® Live version of the Supply Chain and Channel Management simulation. It includes: All the new Marketplace Live features (details in the ILS blog) New geographic regions Enhanced/redesigned contracts A simplified marketing module The writing and reviewing of supply chain contracts has been greatly simplified… Read More »

The Development of Soft Skills via Business Simulations

As students tackle business simulations, they enjoy the experience that comes with applying newly learned business concepts/theories in the safe environment of the classroom. However, the benefits of business simulations go beyond the application of hard skills. Such exercises are also conducive to the development of soft skills, also known as Emotional Intelligence. The highest… Read More »

Spotlight Story: New Automated Grading Tool Available for Instructors

There is a new automated grading system for instructors available in Marketplace® Live Simulations. The new system computes a grade for each team and student at the end of the exercise. The grade reflects how well the team has performed on the cumulative balanced scorecard relative to the performance of the other teams in that… Read More »

Product Release: The Introduction to Accounting and Finance Simulation

The Introduction to Accounting and Finance simulation familiarizes students with the basics of accounting within the context of a fully functioning global enterprise. The goal of the accounting simulation is to help students grasp how the  various decisions of growing a business impact the different line items of a financial statement. The Introduction to Accounting… Read More »